The Servant's House Of A Mother's Love Outreach was Incorporated in 2012 by Marquise and Diamond King, a husband and wife duo, whom identified a great need of encouragement, for at risk youths and individuals in under-served communities. Although, the Organization was incorporated in 2012, both have mentored to at risk youth for the last 12+ years. During this time they noticed that there were a few common denominators in each story; poverty, unstable living conditions, and lack of a support system. 

Diamond King, Servant's House Of A Mother's Love, Founder,  became pregnant and gave birth at the age of 16 years old. It didn't matter that , she was raised in a home with both of her parents, good neighborhoods, great schools, and attended church, she was not exempt from teenage pregnancy. The point she would like to make is that teen pregnancy can happen to anyone in any social economical group. She remembers many labels that were associated to teenage pregnancy some being; high school drop-out, poverty, welfare recipient, etc . As a teenage mother, with many obstacles awaiting ahead of her, she refused to become a statistic. She was fortunate enough to have a great support system, which she credits as a key factor in making a difference in the outcome of her story. She completed high school, went to college and earned a degree in Information Technology. She worked as a Network Engineer, for one of the nation's largest bank. She owned and operated two successful Clothing Boutiques in the surrounding area, while mentoring to young girls and at risk individuals. 

In her early twenties she had a dream. She believed it was GOD giving her a glimpse into her future. She believed that GOD was telling her to reach back and make sure that other teenage mothers facing teenage pregnancy could reach their full potential. Although, it didn't come into fruition for years, she knew in her heart, that the LORD, had spoken into her future in that dream. No matter how long it took, one day she would have to answer that calling. Looking back over her life she can now see that each loss, obstacle and setback was all a part of the preparation process. After working 14 years for Bank Of America, she was recently laid off. She took this as a blessing in disguise. This was confirmation for her, that GOD was telling her "now is that appointed time".  Although, she enjoyed working in Information Technology, she knew it was time to make good on the calling. She had finally accepted her purpose in life.

Diamond's favorite bible verse is Luke 12:48 "Whomever much is given.... Of him shall much be required". She is now devoted to helping other teen moms overcome the stigma and statistics of being a teenage mother. As well as sharing her knowledge and experiences with at risk teenage girls, encouraging each to follow their dreams and to discourage them from embarking into "motherhood" to soon. 

Marquise King, Servant's House Of A Mother's Love, Co-Founder,  was raised by a single mother of 3 boys, in Lamar Terrace Project in South Memphis. Although exposed to poverty and crime daily, he remembered one positive program (Memphis Partners) available to him within his community. Due to an environment with limited programs, he was negatively influenced and at a young age. He began selling drugs, engaging in car theft, doing anything he thought would help provide basic living essentials, hoping to improve his living situation. With no access to positive resources, and little to no money, he would become a victim to his environment. With his unrealistic perceptions of life, he eventually served time in a youth military boot camp called (About Face) and a few years later, served 3 years in prison. It was then, he made a commitment to himself that he would change his life for the better. Once he was released, he found a job within the first 2 weeks. With hard work and dedication he excelled from a regular laborer into upper management after 10 months.  As he looks back, Marquise always knew he had leadership qualities, but they weren't properly developed or displayed, as a result of such negative environment. Marquise not only made the decision to change his environment, he began making better decisions and ultimately changed his future. 

Today, Marquise is a Entrepreneur, operating a thriving Real Estate Business. He is dedicated to being a positive citizen in society by sharing his story to encourage others. He is committed to making a difference in the lives of at risk youth while supporting , encouraging , and educating individuals whose lives may have gotten off to a rocky start.

Marquise's two favorite motto(s) "Don't allow your start to predict your ending" and The "5 P's (Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance). Marquise is dedicated to doing his part on preparing today's youth on how to prepare for their futures.

Not only did Marquise and Diamond beat the odds,  but they have vowed to help others do the same by combining both of their life experiences. Their goal is to utilize both the good and the bad to make a difference by sharing their journey and supporting and encouraging today's at risk youth. They have purchased two commercial buildings to be rehabbed into a Training/Resource Center a shelter for homeless teenage mothers and their children. They have committed to purchase buildings within communities that are currently under-served, so that accessibility wouldn't be a issue. They have committed their lives to serving  at risk youth, pregnant or parenting teens, as well young people, that have taken the wrong turn in life, and need help getting back on track.  

Marquise and Diamond only believe that "STATISTICS" are created when:

A individual's "support system takes off after being told it's totally impossible to conquer".  Spell it out and "STATISTIC" is what you come up with! In Marquise and Diamond's eyes that is the only way "statistics" are created. With proper nurturing, guidance and understanding anyone can make a difference in this world. What society categorized as unusable,  then becomes usable.  

How, would they know? They are living proof!

Support System

Takes Off 

After being 




Impossible to


Cross roads in our lives consist of two directions, for "better or worse". Please join Marquise and Diamond in their effort to encourage our youth to make better decisions.

 We have all heard the saying it takes a "Village to Raise a Child". Let's become that Village. You may contact us today to see how you can assist. 


Servant's House Of A Mother's Love Outreach Inc.